Linfield scores slice of Coalition’s grant

Linfield is sharing in the success of a coalition of colleges that are receiving a $45,000 grant to improve service learning in college curriculums.
The grant will go to providing co-curricular activities to Linfield students.
Co-curricular lessons are experiences outside of the classroom that relate to classroom material.
Jessica Wade, community service coordinator, secured the money for Linfield. She worked with Catherine Jarmin Miller, director of Foundation & Corp Relations, and Fred Ross, former assistant to the president of Linfield College.
Some of the community service projects that the money will benefit are environmentally motivated.
“I think this strengthens and enhances our sustainability efforts,” Wade, said.
Sample projects include habitat restoration and energy efficiency audits. A document from the Office of Community Service also lists civic development as another objective.
“We’ve convened a student roundtable on sustainability, and they’ve already come up with six service learning projects already,” Wade said. “The first one will be on Nov. 5. Students will complete the eco-roof on the new bike shelter.”
Wade said that students would learn about eco-roofs, storm water management and other environmentally friendly techniques. She said other projects are intended to teach students real-world skills.
Money from the grant will also go to Linfield’s faculty for a Fellows program.
Five faculty members will work together to remake and improve a current Linfield course by adding service learning to the class, or to create a new course designed to link service learning and sustainability.
The grant is from Learn and Serve America, an organization that aims to make service learning core to the education of American students.
This is Linfield’s first federal grant from the Corporation for National Community Service, which is the primary funder of this grant.
“The goal is that students walk away with skills but also knowledge of the issues they’re addressing,” Wade said.
Linfield applied for the grant through the Oregon and Washington divisions of Campus Compact, a nationwide community service agency that, according to its website, seeks to increase service learning as part of higher education.

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