Committee finds project objectives

The majority of discussion during the Oct. 4 Associated Students of Linfield College Senate meeting concerned the Campus Improvement Committee.
The group, one of four since ASLC’s committee restructuring, is tasked with fielding and addressing student concerns about the greater campus.
Committee chair senior Katie Kann heard many of those concerns during the Senate meeting. Kann said she was impressed by the outspoken underclassmen.
“It’s that kind of initiative that’s changing the dynamic of this school, and it’s a really positive thing,” she said.
Senators brought up several issues, including lighting on the path to Albertsons, water bottles, campus sculptures, window screens and bike racks.
After the Senate meeting adjourned, Kann gathered her committee to discuss possible focal projects, and they decided on four.
One project the committee will take on is increasing the number of bike racks on campus, as at least six senators mentioned their limited number.
“The issue about bike racks turned out to be a lot more important to students than I think any Cabinet member knew,” junior Katie Patterson, ASLC vice president, said about the discussion.
Sophomore Libby Sturges will spearhead the bike rack initiative.
Sophomores Nora Burnfield and Ayla Wood are working to create a community bulletin board.
The board will be an outlet for community members and businesses to post information about local events.
Having this space will foster town-and-gown relations, Kann said.
“It seems hypocritical for us to say we’re part of this McMinnville community when we don’t have an avenue for people in the McMinnville community to share what’s going on with the Linfield campus,” she said.
Junior Kate Koten will work on developing Linfield’s recycling program. For example, Kann said that Koten will attempt to pair each trash can with a recycling bin.
The committee’s final project, obtaining permanent functioning screens for residence halls, falls to freshman Haritareddy Lakireddy.
The project came out of a Grover Hall senator’s complaint about bugs entering residence halls through defective screens.
Area Director for Activities Josh Merrick said during the meeting that portable, expandable screens are available inside the Residence Life office, but the college is not going to purchase more permanent screens unless an initiative comes from Senate.
Kann said her committee is also looking into installing motion sensor lights in campus restrooms, although the project has temporarily been put on hold.
“It seems silly that lights should be left on,” she said. “There’s no reason to be using that energy.”
Overall, Kann said she anticipates that her committee will accomplish a lot this year.
“I don’t like being told that I can’t do something, and I don’t think the students should be satisfied being told they can’t do something,” she said. “There comes a point when you just have to stand up and take on the responsibility to do the work and make this change occur.”

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