Alumni band returns to the ‘Cat Cab’ scene

Jack Ruby Presents returns to Linfield to perform during a Cat Cab on Oct. 7. The band has been touring across Oregon ever since band members Jesse Hughey and Chris Hernandez graduated from Linfield in 2010. Katie Paysinger/Senior photographer

Jack Ruby Presents returned to its stomping grounds Oct. 7 to perform a Cat Cab in front of a large, enthusiastic audience of new and old fans.
The band opened with a mellow song but exploded into an upbeat tune immediately following it. The audience was drawn in by the band’s sound and at the request of front man Jesse Hughey, class of ’10.
“How ’bout everybody take two steps closer,” Hughey said.
The audience moved closer together and began to dance. Others simply stood smiling, enjoying the music.
“I think they have a really unique sound,” junior Bonnie Hastings said.
The audience comprised long-time fans and others who had never heard of the band.
“I’m excited to be introduced to a new genre of music,” freshman Kate Straube said.
The audience was large and fans were pleased to see their old friends performing again.
“I like that they are good friends, and they’re really good performers,” senior Sarah Mcmillen said. “They play awesome music.”
Senior Melissa Davaz said she enjoys making music with her friends.
“[I enjoy] performing and being on stage because that’s where I’m comfortable,” Davaz said. “It’s such an organic and comfortable setting being with them.”
The band’s first performance at Linfield took place in 2007, and it performed frequently before Hughey and band members Chris Hernandez and Aaron Owens graduated in 2010. Before leaving, the band released its first full-length album, “Over Wires and White Plains,” in May.
The band will continue touring across Oregon — starting with a free show at 9 p.m. Oct. 8 at Buffalo Gap in Portland.
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