A New Outlook on Sharing

Another lovely update to the ole’ bucket list. My time at Linfield is quickly coming to a close (and not soon enough, I might add) and I’m double and triple checking my mind, trying to think of things I’ve always wanted to do while here.

I found something else. I’ve never been a particularly good student (actually, the word abysmal comes to mind) and one of the reasons is my flat refusal to include myself in most discussions. I’m usually well prepared, but I’m so bad (think George W. bad) at speaking that I generally convey something completely different from my intended point.

In high school, I took this to heart early, letting my work outproduce my classroom presence and calling it good. However, in college participation is far more important and much of my grades have reflected my inability to communicate even basic facts intelligently. When I am forced to speak, I always look and sound unprepared, leading me to rarely even try anymore.

Which leads me to my next goal. I’m going to be working on talking more. Because I don’t have the wherewithal to do that of my own accord, I’ll be utilizing the number one form of courage I have at my disposal- alcohol. A few shots and I become way more talkative, and I think it’s time to see if I can jumpstart my own studies. I’m not condoning getting before a class obviously, just a few shots to loosen up (for a 21+ person of course).

So one my goals is get a little tipsy for every one of my classes this year. I’m inclined to think it could help. Should be fun either way.

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