A group is only as strong as its least busy member

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems as if more and more students are making the trek to Nicholson Library to meet up with fellow classmates to work on group projects.
I, for one, have never been assigned so many group projects in my life, and from multiple courses I have in college.
I’m not saying group projects are counterproductive; in fact, some students enjoy taking part in collaborative work. The benefit is that the work can be divided up equally. We can pick the section we want to do and everyone’s skills can be used to their full potential. Not to mention, a significant amount of stress is lifted from our already weighted shoulders.
Let’s be realistic. We are college students. How many of us have time outside of our already crazy, busy schedules to meet with our groups and figure out the logistics of a project? Many of us have an extensive course load, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, jobs, off-campus obligations, etc. It is hard enough finding a time when you are available, let alone a time when everyone in the group is, as well. Plus, we are almost never given enough class time to work on the project.
What happens when one member of the group does not pull his or her weight on the project? Obviously, the rest of the group suffers and either has to compensate for that member or risk receiving an undesirable grade. Even with group evaluations, the other members still have to make up for that person’s lack of work, which creates stress for the whole group.
Speaking of grades, group projects always seem to be worth more points than individual assignments. This works out if the group does well on the project but not if it doesn’t. So, as a consequence, these points do not accurately reflect a student’s overall individual grade because no single person is in control of the entire project.
Now keep in mind that not all group projects are a pain or are conducted in the same way; some professors are understanding about a group’s circumstances. But sure would be nice if we were assigned a lot less of them for each course and had more than a few days to do them, right?
Oh, group projects. You will be the death of me.
Jessica Prokop/Culture editor
Jessica Prokop can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com.

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