Summer internships can put you ahead in life, school

During the summer, I was lucky enough to be selected to complete a 10-week internship at a Portland TV station. Not only did I gain valuable, hands-on experience in the field of journalism, but I was able to add four credits to my fall schedule.
Based on my positive experience, I think that other Linfield students could greatly benefit from pursuing an internship during the summer.
I know it can be a challenge to find the motivation to do school- related work during the summer. A lot of us have been rattling our brains all school year and are ready to have some time away from academic activity. But if you can find the time and motivation, a summer internship can be a great way to get ahead.
Not only do summer internships allow you to gain experience in the career you’re interested in, but you can also get ahead by getting credits out of the way before Fall Semester gets in full swing.
During my summer internship, I met and worked with media professionals who have been in the field for several years. They gave me advice and tips on how to succeed after graduating from Linfield and how to start applying for jobs out in the real world. For example, I was given advice on what small markets would be good to start in. Also, I gained a perspective into how a broadcasting company is run and into some of the daily procedures and responsibilities of the media professionals I worked with. For example, I got to see what the producers and reporters do to get ready for a newscast.
It is usually true that more experience you have in your field of interest when you apply for a job out of college, the more likely it is that your résumé will get noticed by prospective employers.
Secondly, summer internships are a great way to lighten your school load in the fall. It’s a relief to know that you have some credit hours taken care of, even though a final paper is required three weeks after the internship ends, before all of the fall courses and all of the homework that comes along with them starts up. It may seem like a big time commitment during the summer, but I’m sure no one will regret spending his or her time completing a summer internship once back on campus.
Overall, I know that summer seems like a billion years away since school began, but I encourage students to keep the idea of a summer internship in mind for their future plans.
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