Sexual health column aims at informing students

The Linfield Review has a brand new column: It’s essentially a “Dear Abby” column where you write in with questions, and I answer them. But instead of the overused “Abby,” I’ll use “Dear Bailey.” (My name is not Bailey, and to anyone actually named Bailey, I am sorry.)
If the name change wasn’t an exciting enough reason for you to write in, then maybe the subject will get your attention: This advice column isn’t about just anything. It’s about sex.
This isn’t high school, and abstinence isn’t the theme of human health courses, sexual education or of everyone’s sexual practices. Understanding sex and practicing healthy habits is the goal now.
You’re an adult and sex will follow you throughout the rest of your life. How is abstinence going to work if you get married and don’t want children for a while or at all? As college students, you should be informed of what you want to know about sex, sexual health and anything you don’t understand about sex.
Let’s stop here for just a second. This is not a relationship column or a how-to guide. I want you to feel free to ask questions about sex and healthy relationships, but this column does not deal with whether you should ask out so-and-so or how do I do such-and-such position. Go buy a Kama Sutra or “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex.”
Questions can, of course, be asked in Dawn Graff-Haight’s Human Sexuality class or in the health department. But for what
ever reason, not everyone feels comfortable with that approach. Reasons people don’t ask questions are often increased because sex is, unfortunately, such a hushed subject. Getting information is difficult when asking a question feels embarrassing or is in front of other people.
I won’t know who you are; you won’t ask me your questions in person. Some
one else most likely has the same question that you do. This column is to help every
one, and no one is going to get answers if no one asks.
Questions can be e-mailed to me at, or if you would rather be completely anonymous, you can write to “Dear Bailey,” at Unit #A518.
As a personal disclosure, I am not telling anyone to engage in sex or any other sexual activities. I am just providing information and facts that I have attained through research. The more questions you ask, the more answers everyone will get.

Bailey can be reached at

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