Senators need to take more initiative

During the last school year, many students have felt that ASLC Senate was not living up to its expectations. For example, Senate
reports weren’t being sent out, and it seemed as though some senators were more concerned with building a résumé than working
toward better student life on campus. Obviously, we think that Senate can improve and become more connected with the student body.
This seems like just the year to do that.
Junior ASLC Vice President Katie Patterson has many improvements in the works this year. One improvement she mentioned was
that there will be four committees this year instead of seven, with 15 to 20 people on each committee. Patterson also mentioned three
main goals for the year: increasing participation and discussion, having active committees, and communicating student body concerns
through the senators.
It’s great that Senate is attempting to revamp itself, but setting goals and meeting goals are two different things. We would hope that
the senators of this school year remember that they are in Senate because they are committed to helping students, which takes time
and dedication. It’s not something that can be accomplished by simply going through the motions.
We would like to encourage students to reach out to their senators and let them know their thoughts and concerns. Also,
students should take the time to read the e-mails that their senators send out and senators should take the time to put relevant
information in their e-mails. Senators need to attend the Senate meetings as well instead of sending proxies or not showing up.
Remember that Senate exists for the advantage of the students. Let’s take the time to have our voices be heard and to have high
expectations of our Senate.

-The Review Editorial Board.

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