President Hellie’s top goals

1. To begin a strategic planning process, that will result in a vision, mission statement, and strategic plan

by February 2012. (This is likely to commence in discussions with trustees during their November 2010


2. To revisit, evaluate, and possibly revise the facilities masterplan that was first created 10 years ago and

updated in 2007. (In the short term we will take a close look at the plan to be sure that we are making the

right decisions on spaces vacated in Taylor and Melrose.)

3. To evaluate our enrollment plans in McMinnville, aiming to increase the number of ethnic minorities,

international students, and out-of-state transfers.

4. To begin developing long-term budget models that enable us to plan more effectively for the future.

5. To re-examine and reinvigorate our fund-raising campaign for endowed professorships and student

scholarships, while also increasing the alumni-giving rate.

6. To complete the renovation of Northup Hall.

7. To implement the integrated marketing plan.

8. To develop the Board’s strategic agenda and membership.

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