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Linfield College Community Public Safety announced that a suspicious person was spotted near a
residence hall on the night of Sept. 7, at about 10:30 p.m.
The unidentified suspect was tall and thin, and was wearing black sweatpants and a red-and-black Nike
windbreaker, According to an e-mail sent by Robert Cepeda, director of Linfield College Campus Public
Safety on Sept. 9.
The suspect’s ethnicity is unknown.
The suspect allegedly urinated in the bushes, then attempted to gain entry to an unidentified residence
hall through an unlocked window, according to the report.
The e-mail also warned students not to prop open doors, allow guests to wander inside unsupervised and
to keep the doors locked when away, alone or asleep.
Cepeda deliberately withheld the name of the affected residence hall to emphasize the all-encompassing
message of campus safety, he said.
An unidentified man wandered into a woman’s room in Hewitt Hall April 4, last Spring Semester
after he tailgated another student through the doors (“Hewitt intruder causes alarm,” TLR April 5”).
LCCPS can be reached at 503-883-7233. Cepeda also suggests calling Residence Life or 911 in the
event of an emergency.

~Complied by Joshua Ensler

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