New coach hired amid lawsuit

This summer, the Linfield athletics department hired a former Montana State

University coach following an arduous search for a new women’s head basketball coach.

But close to the hiring date, a lawsuit that new coach Robin Potera-Haskins filed against MSU was settled by the NCAA primarily

in favor of the institution. The lawsuit surrounded the disparity in treatment and funding between the men’s and women’s basketball

programs at MSU, among other issues. Potera-Haskins said she has plans to pursue an appeal.

A hiring committee made up of athletic director Scott Carnahan, men’s basketball coach Larry Doty, track and field coach Gary

Kilgore, senior administrator Dawn

Graff-Haight and several members of the women’s basketball team screened many

candidates before deciding on Potera-Haskins. She was hired for her wealth of experience, especially in turning around sagging


Carnahan said he has no doubt the new coach can turn the women’s basketball

program into a formidable team in a few years, and Potera-Haskins said she is thrilled at the challenge.

Look for a full story on her history, her outlook on her new job and player thoughts on the new coach in next week’s issue of The
Linfield Review.

~Compiled by Chris Forrer

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