Needs More Fun, Less Stupid

I’m going to take some liberties here and introduce myself a bit in both the blogs I’ll be writing weekly. I’m Matt, a senior sociology major who is thinking this might be his final year before the real world. I’m going to be writing on my cooking escapades and my attempts to create a bucket list for myself this year. Both should be full of my own failures, which I guarantee will be entertaining. If not I promise to refund you the entire two minutes of your time you wasted reading. Alternatively, you could read faster.

I think creating a bucket list is a lot like attempting to ask a girl out. You have a rough outline of a plan, you know there a set of things nearly everybody does and doesn’t do, but you try to personalize it as best you can. Once you go for it, you find you’ve forgotten everything you’d planned and wind up spewing random thoughts and ideas, hoping everyone understands what you mean. Both are inherently about you but can’t continue without approval from an outside source. Seriously, you can’t write a bucket lists without bouncing ideas off your friends until they get tired of you.

Well I’m going to start a Linfield bucket list, which means this semester will be chock full of exciting and fun things to brag about. Or maybe not. I’m not advocating nor will I be attempting to do anything illegal or very dangerous too stupid. I think a good first step is to establish what type of bucket list it will be, and it most certainly will not be a daredevil’s guide to Linfield. It should be a fun, mostly safe guide to doing things at Linfield people wish they had done. Fun things, cool things, generally awkward things. I have always, for example, wanted to get into the bell tower in Pio. I’ve wanted to swim in the Walker fountain at night, and sneak into Ice and play the organ. I’d like to spend a night in the library and participate in a flash mob in a classroom. These things are not so bad as they are fun, random, and slightly edgy. Creating this might just make each week a little better and my Linfield education a little fuller.

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