More Greens, More Lean

I’m going to take some liberties here and introduce myself a bit in both the blogs I’ll be writing weekly. I’m Matt, a senior sociology major who is thinking this might be his final year before the real world. I’m going to be writing on my cooking escapades and my attempts to create a bucket list for myself this year. Both should be full of my own failures, which I guarantee will be entertaining. If not I promise to refund you the entire two minutes of your time you wasted reading. Alternatively, you could read faster.

Cooking your own food, something I’ve begin doing, has its ups and downs. The ups all tend to be my food preparation successes and the downs are how depressing my society is. I’ve recently learned two things: People get fat because vegetables cost too much and take time to prepare and people are dumb because they have no idea what they’re eating. I mean, it makes sense why veggies cost so much. Getting grown foods from farms to stores while maintaining them has to be expensive. But in a society where selection is a given, you’d think people would simply look for cheaper vegetables. Nope. Time is of the essence and why pay more for something that is more work to eat? People go grab TV dinners and homogenized products that make up for their miniscule nutritional value by coming with brownies and chips as sides. So far cooking a legitimate meal, complete with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, broccoli and other greens has made me feel so responsible and healthy. Original ingredients taste better, they’re healthier, and you know what they are. That’s my second point. You want to tell me you know everything a frozen bag of stir fry comes with? Or how long that bag has been sealed? Better to fry a dish made up of your own ingredients, tailored to your tastes and made by your hand. Your stomach will thank you, your heart will thank you, and you’ll be proud of yourself. Know what your own diet is and how to prepare it. That’s a real success, even if it does take extra effort.

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