Men’s soccer through the preseason battles

Senior midfielder Carter Elhabbassi heads the ball for distance during the men’s first home game against Evergreen State College. The men tied the game 2-2. Joel Ray/Freelancer

With only two games under their belt, the men still have the weekend to prepare for the conference season that is quickly


The men’s first preseason game resulted in a tie against Evergreen State, 2-2. Freshman Tyler Repic had both goals against

Evergreen, Sept. 1.

The second game was not as hopeful for the men and resulted in a loss against Northwest Christian, 2-1. Senior Michel Camacho

scored the only goal against Northwest Christian.

“It’s still early. We’re only two games in and I think we have the right mix of players and it’s a matter of a few games until we get it

figured out as a unit,” Camacho said.

In addition to a new season, the men’s team added a familiar face to the coaching staff. A senior who graduated last year, Travis

Issacs joined the team, not as a player, but as an assistant coach.

“It’s tough because I want to play, but I enjoy being a part of the team, and I feel that I have enough knowledge that I can benefit the

team, and the guys respect that so the transition is easy,” Issacs said.

As an experienced alum himself, Issacs knows what the players are capable of and what they should expect of themselves.

“I expect them to compete in the top half of the league. They have the parts they need to put them together,” Issacs said.

Expectations are high for the men this year as the conference season approaches.

“You always want to aim high for a conference championship, but a top three finish is very possible,” Camacho said. “Its going to be

a dog fight and, like the previous years, its going to come down to who can take advantage of the game.”

The men’s soccer team plays both Sept. 10 and 11 to wrap up the preseason.

Corrina Crocker/Sports editor

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