Jazzman’s library branch shuts down

From coffee to wine: An exhibit about wine history replaces the Jazzman’s coffee cart inside Nicholson Library. Sodexo determined that the cart was not turning a profit and removed it from the library. Hansen/Photo editor

The Jazzman’s coffee cart will not operate in Nicholson Library this year because of a lack of
“I hate it,” sophmore Anna Statz said about the shop’s closure. “It was what got me through all my tests and finals.”
General Manager of Student Dining Services Bill Masullo said the reason the coffee stand was removed is that it cost Sodexo too much money to justify its existence.
One reason the coffee stand may not have done well is that it used a “point system,” students could earn points to use toward the items they wanted, he said.
Masullo said that the hours of the coffee stand were dictated by the school, preventing Sodexo from changing its operating hours. The cart originally closed at 10 p.m.
A traffic counter concluded that the library had the most foot traffic during the coffee stand’s hours of operation, which is what caused them to choose the cart’s original hours.
Masullo also mentioned that Linfield is a small campus, so students can easily to walk to the Catty Shack, which is open until midnight, if they are looking to get a late-night beverage or snack.
Even though there are reasons the coffee stand won’t make its way back into the library, it will still be missed by students.
“I think the Jazzman’s stand in the library facilitated a more friendly environment, and it gave people the ability to stay in the library for long hours without having to leave to get food,” junior Daniel Woolley said.
Masullo also mentioned possibly combining Dillin and the Catty Shack. He said it would be a venue in which students could gather late at night.

Chelsea Bowen/Opinion editor
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  1. Bradley Keliinoi // September 27, 2010 at 8:35 pm //

    I think Bill Masullo’s suggestion of combining Dillin and the Catty Shack, or rather, having Dillin Hall open to students to utilize after meal times is a fantastic idea. I don’t remember who, but someone came to senate last year and made that exact proposal. Dillin is centrally located on campus, and has lots of potential to facilitate quiet learning and study spaces when the hall isn’t in use for meal times. It would be a great alternative to the library, especially during those cold winter nights. It’s really disappointing that so many great ideas never become reality on campus. Anyone remember the much talked about “FML Renovation?”

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