Catty Shack prices claw through ’Cat Cash

It is without question that for many of us, college costs a great deal of money. When you calculate tuition, books and housing, it can add up to amounts that make your head spin.
Since so many college students are struggling to make ends meet, you would assume that Linfield would try to help students out and not make the price of its snacks in the Catty Shack and other campus dining services so high.
When walking through the Catty Shack, it may seem more like an overpriced snack shop in Hawaii instead of a snack shop at a small, Oregon college. $3.29 for a travel-size toothpaste? Are they serious? Students could walk to Albertsons and get the same thing for $1.50. Not to mention students will be shelling out $5.99 at the Catty Shack for a box of Cheerios, Lucky Charms or Reeses Puffs cereal when they cost about $3.99 at Albertsons.
Also, since many students have declining balance dollars, it can be easy for students to simply swipe their card to purchase the overpriced items.
It almost seems like the high prices in the Catty Shack are a way for the school or Sodexo to take advantage of young college students who are chained to the meal plan.
The college should be looking out for the best interests of the students and not just the best interests of Sodexo. It needs to stop.
We think that if the Catty Shack lowered its prices, then it would not only be helping students, but helping its own business, too. For example, if they brought the prices down just a tad, students would be more willing to spend their money at the Catty Shack as opposed to at outside stores.
Lowering prices at the Catty Shack will definitely make the store more college-budget friendly and a better overall experience for students.

-The Review Editorial Board

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