Bucket O’fun

It seems like my entire bucket list is full of really stupid things that will get me in jail for awhile. My roommate and I, for example, have always wanted to break into Northup Hall. He suggested I added this to the list and we could go in there before they complete it in the spring. Considering how strict this college is about climbing trees, I’d be willing to bet we’d get in a ton of trouble if we got caught. Like fines and jail. Or even worse, not graduating (trust me, it’s worse. Loans loans loans).

And so, it seems to me that I should eliminate all of the really dumb illegal things on my list. Well, maybe not all. But it might be smart to look at consequences while re-evaluating the lists. After doing so, I’ve decided I am addicted to really dumb things. Yes, streaking into Dillin would be awesome. And no, it should never be done.

What should be done are fun exciting things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise or didn’t get a chance to do while here at Linfield. Like the infamous Indiana Jones runs in the library. Everyone should have the opportunity to do this with their friends before they graduate, and it certainly won’t get anyone arrested. Or participating in a Cat Cab, swimming in the people fountain, and watching TV in ICE (yeah, you can do that). These things are adding diversity to an otherwise boring semester. This should be the type of list I should be writing. Well… maybe I’ll just focus on having fun. And nothing is more fun than running around in the rain stomping puddles on a Wednesday afternoon or mudsliding in the IM field. This semester will be amazing.

Matt Olson
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