Band stops in FML on tour

The Union Line, who come from San Juan Capistrano, Calif., have been playing together for about two years. Sarah Hansen/Photo editor

A California band rocked the Fred Meyer Lounge on Sept. 23 in a professional Cat Cab.
Wildcats from all groups gathered into the FML to hear The Union Line bring the house down. With colorful stage lighting and crowd favorites, The Union Line had a lot to give. It even tested out a new song on the audience.
“They were pretty good,” freshman Annika Yates said. “Their music is very interesting; it’s a blend of a lot of different styles.”
The Union Line has only been around for two years. In January 2008, what began as a casual jam session quickly became the inspiration for what is now The Union Line.
Some of the members were childhood friends. Others simply found their way into the mix. Richard Thiesen, Johnny Wilson and Tony Tancredi have been friends for years. Jordan Sabolick and Adam Sabolick, on the other hand, were going solo in a band of their own but needed a manager. And so it began. It can be labeled as fate, but once the members came together, there was no turning back.
Why “The Union Line”? The name was inspired from old posters of railroad stations hanging in one of the guy’s room. The members liked the format and everything fell into place from there. Of course, The Union Line has no association with a train station. It has made an identity of its own. In fact, the band is on tour.
“We were asked to perform and we thought, sure why not? We leave for Seattle tomorrow,” a band member said.
As for its style, the band’s music can be described as a fusion of soul and romantic ’60s pop. Its old stuff was all about rocking the soul while their new music focuses on modernizing the love portrayed through ’60s music. The Union Line also incorporates many different instruments. Electronica, bass, everyday sound effects — it has an all-inclusiveness style.
The performance was made possible by Linfield Activities Board Musical Events Chair sophomore Alyssa Hood. Hood said she was excited for the event and with good reason. She has a personal connection with the band.
“They are from my hometown, San Juan Capistrano, Calif.,” Hood said.
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