Student Giving Committee exceeds pledge expectations

The Student Giving Committee surpassed its goal of raising $1,500 for the Student Giving Campaign.

The committee ended the year with the event “I Went Without,” which aimed to encourage underclassmen to donate to the Student Giving Fund, which benefit the Linfield campus. Committee members manned tables in Dillin Hall for several hours, and students could stop by to give any amount of money.

Even though the committee exceeded its campaign goals, College Relations intern Samantha Bartlett, class of ’09, said she wanted to add in one final push.

Students that gave a minimum of $3 received a sticker that said “I went without…” and then chose what to write in, such as, “I went without my Starbucks Coffee.” Donors also received “It’s Your Linfield” lanyards.

The concept of the campaign was that giving Linfield money usually spent on a small comfort is rewarding.

“George Fox University did a similar event where students stood outside the mail room on pay day and asked others if they would be willing to donate a part of their check, and in return, donors received a Pay Day candy bar,” Bartlett said. “I Went Without’ was a spin-off of that event.”

So far, 93 students have donated gifts to Linfield for a total of $2,016. Out of the 93, 82 of those students are from the senior class, and nine of the seniors are from the Portland campus.

On their own, the seniors raised $1,925 for the fund.

All of the donations raised are put into a pool of money that goes to Linfield’s fund.

When going through the budget, officials determine the greatest need, and the money is distributed for that need.

Linfield’s greatest need is in the financial aid department, specifically scholarships, Bartlett said.

“I was hoping to get $1,500 and at least 125 students to donate because I really wanted student involvement,” Bartlett said. “It’s not even necessarily about the money.”

Junior committee member Jesse Aerni said that even though “I Went Without” was the only event in the campaign that targeted everyone, it still raised awareness and gave next year’s campaign a head start.

“It’s felt so meaningful doing this campaign that it has meant more to me than anything else that I have done on campus,” Aerni said.

Bartlett said that because it was difficult for her to plan events for the Fall Semester, as she was still a student. So all of the events have taken place in the spring.

“Fall Semester was more of a planning time so we have tried to do one event a month for the spring semester,” she said.

In February, the committee held a celebration for Linfield’s Birthday; in March, it hosted Wildcat Wind Up, which strictly targeted the seniors; and in April, it held Wildcat Wind Up at the Portland campus, which was the first time that the Portland campus was incorporated into the campaign.

“The Associated Students of Linfield College have done a great job in supporting the Student Giving Campaign, as well as The Linfield Review, which has given us publicity,” Bartlett said. “It’s been nice seeing the Linfield community coming together.”

Forms and information about giving to Linfield, as well as the list of the 2009-10 Student Honor Roll of Donors can be found on the Student Giving website:

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