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“Mighty” Mike McGee Megan Myer/Online Editor

Slam poet and comedian “Mighty” Mike McGee shared his humor and life lessons with an enthusiastic audience in Ice Auditorium on May 15.
“The show was really good,” freshman Julia Altenhofen said. “I’m following him on Facebook now, and I plan to buy his book.”
McGee opened the show with some random jokes — one was about two drunk squirrels.
“Two squirrels are drunk at a bar. One squirrel says to the other, ‘I slept with your mom last night.’ The other squirrel says, ‘Dad, go home — you’re drunk,’” McGee said.
Many of McGee’s poems and stories used profanity and sexual references. However, he said that he would not censor or apologize for it because that’s just his style.
McGee, who focused several of his jokes and stories on his appearance, explained that he uses the name “Mighty” because he is a fat man who likes to eat a lot of food. Those facts are apparent in one of his haikus.
“I am Mike McGee. I love women and food. Running makes me sad,” McGee said.
Another food-based bit he performed included having an eating contest with the Angel of Death using all of the food in McGee’s home to fight for his soul. The contest came down to a Rice Krispies Treat, he said, and McGee won after cramming it into his mouth.
The food routines did not stop there, however. One of the last stories McGee told was about his affinity for pudding. He mentioned that every Sunday during the summer, he would blow up his Hello Kitty pool, put it in his front yard and fill it with pudding. He would proceed to put on his hand-Bedazzled shirt — pants optional — and bathe in the pudding all day long.
During this story, he used several impersonations and incorporated his Scottish neighbor into the routine.
McGee also recounted an incident when he “busted ass” in line at an airport, and the women standing behind him smelled it and caused a scene.
However, not all of McGee’s acts were so light-hearted and comical. He began making a transition to more serious topics by talking about “love and liking.” McGee asked audience members if they had ever liked someone intensely, the kind of like that’s on the verge of love.
He then instructed the audience to close its eyes and imagine that person to determine if his poem pertained to them. One of the poem’s lines:
“I like you the way pirates and frat boys like booty.”
Still, McGee’s most serious poem was “In Search of Midnight,” which is also the title of his book.
The poem was inspired by people who tend to hide behind their outer persona. It described people in tough situations and encouraged them to open up and show their true selves — like many do when they are alone and thinking about the day’s events late at night, McGee said.
“‘In Search of Midnight’ was very inspiring and hearing it made me want to start writing again,” Altenhofen said.
One of the last performances of the night was a poem that McGee turned into a lullaby with the help of a friend, who wrote some music for him. The poem’s message was that we are trying to create a better future for generations to come, he said.
McGee ended the show with a final joke.
“Being in college is awesome. I never went because you don’t need it,” McGee said.
McGee’s last message to the audience members encouraged them to be the best they can be.
Last weekend’s show was McGee’s second Linfield appearance. His first visit was in April of 2007. However, there were few audience members who came to watch him the first time, so he was astonished by the turnout May 15, he said.
For more information about “Mighty” Mike McGee, visit his website at www.mikemcgee.net.
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