Letter to the editor

To many of you, Fred Ross is nothing more than the name of the Assistant to the President. But come this summer, Linfield College will be losing much more than some administrator, as Dr. Fred Ross officially retires, again.

Dr. Ross has served the college in many roles for many years. I had the pleasure of learning how to teach from a master teacher. As an education professor, Dr. Ross not only talked about teaching but modeled the strategies being described. I looked up to a man with a tremendous work ethic, who spent countless hours planning, preparing and then executing his duties as professor, student teacher supervisor, and credential expert. He took the time to get to know me personally as an advisor and invested time and energy into my success.

I worked side by side on various councils with a person who cared about the institution of Linfield.

In 2007, I had the honor of reading some brief notes about Dr. Ross as he retired, the first time. Dr. Ross accepted a position as assistant to the president when asked. The college as a whole has benefitted from his continued servant leadership, his hard work, his caring for the students and his commitment to success for the institution and every student and faculty member that call Linfield home.

So as he retires again, I wish Dr. Ross all the best in retirement. Enjoy your travels, your time with family and in the garden and thank you for your contributions to my career and to this wonderful place called Linfield.

Patrick Miller

Class of 2007, degree in Spanish, secondary education certificate, student center director 2007.

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