ASLC cuts operating hours of Gameroom, CIC

The Gameroom

The Gameroom was empty May 6. Not even the student workers were on duty. Paoline Anne-Abulencia/Senior photographer.

Statistics show rooms are underused late at night, Bike Co-op hours lengthened
The Gameroom and Campus Information Center will cut certain hours that will be added to the Bike Co-Op hours of operation next semester.
“It’s operational hour changes in the student-center-run facilities,” junior Evan Hilberg, Associated Students of Linfield College student center director, said. “We considered that the Bike Co-Op is new and needs more resources.”
Hilberg said he knew many people came into the Gameroom or CIC during different hours with the help of a system created by the former student center director, senior Connor Lieb.
According to the system statistics, on average, seven to eight people were using the facility from 11 p.m.-midnight on any given day, which is the lowest amount of student usage of all hours. Conveniently, it was the last hour of the overall operating schedule.
In the CIC, 5-6 p.m. sees the lowest amount of student usage. It usually has six people on average during that hour during all days that the CIC is open.
Hilberg said he decided to cut the 5-6 p.m. hour every day and three hours during the weekend in the CIC and 11 p.m.-midnight Monday through Saturday in the Gameroom.
The 19 hours taken from the Gameroom and the CIC will to be transferred to the Bike Co-Op schedule next fall.
“It’s not a major change,” Hilberg said. “We want to use money [as] best we can.”
Although the need for more resources in the Bike Co-Op is the main reason for cutting hours in the Gameroom and CIC, the shortage of student usage in the Gameroom and CIC was seriously considered.
Hilberg said ASLC would promote events held by different organizations in the Gameroom, communicate with Resident Advisors and place more games in the Gameroom to attract more students.

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