ASLC approves A Capella Club

Sometimes, Linfield does not offer everything students wish it did. The A Cappella Club is trying to change that.
Junior Will Stewart, A Cappella Club president, said that the new club aims to provide an informal outlet for students to enjoy and perform contemporary music, an opportunity that has not been available to students until now. Although the music department at Linfield provides various performance opportunities for students, A Cappella Club organizers said that they wanted something different.
This is not the first time students have attempted to create such a club.
”Different people have tried to start one about three times before,” Stewart said. “But this is the first time it got off the ground.”
The club was granted a temporary charter from the Associated Students of Linfield College at the April 26 ASLC Senate meeting. With the club starting up near the end of the semester, club organizers have faced a time crunch.
“ASLC has been very accommodating,” Stewart said. “It’s been a bit of a rush, but it’s gone pretty well so far.”
Stewart said that one of the club’s main goals for this semester is to receive a permanent charter so that it can participate in the Activities Fair next year.
The club will also work toward selecting and learning music with the objective of eventually participating in competitions. Song selections will be decided by members of the whole club, not only those in charge.
“We don’t want one person making all the decisions for everybody,” Stewart said.
To participate in the club, students are required to perform a brief audition. Sophomore Jessie Goergen, who has been involved in organizing the club, said that students should not be intimidated by the audition. The primary requirement is a love for music.
“It’s basically just to see if you’re able to sing,” Stewart said. “We haven’t turned anyone down yet.”
Stewart said that he has been surprised by some of the students who have joined the club, as he did not realize that some members had an interest in singing.
The A Cappella Club will meet at 8 p.m. May 12 in the Vivian A. Bull Music Center. Interested students are welcome to attend.
“If you haven’t auditioned by then, you can sing for us after or during the meeting,” Stewart said. “We’d be happy to have you show up.”
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