Online dating promotes honesty, confidence

Have you ever thought about what kind of people use the Internet to find love? You might first think of a creeper living in a basement; however, there are a lot of normal people, too. There are plenty of fish out there in many different shapes and sizes — old and young, fit and fat, cute and hot (or not…), clean and unclean.
One great part about online dating is that, when honest, you get all your pros and cons out in the open. This proves useful when things such as STDs come into the picture. Can you imagine a picture-perfect date being wrecked in the end with a simple “By the way, I have herpes … I hope you don’t mind?”
There are numerous dating sites, and they all have their perks and downsides. Some are like Wal-Mart or Target ( and, and others are smaller and cater to specific dating niches. (Prescription4Love caters to those with “special conditions.”) While it is easy to say online dating isn’t for you, it’s probable that you haven’t found the right website yet. is not only devoted to those who need alternative dating services, but also aims to assist those who cope with their conditions and helping others understand their lives. In this community, people can find others similar to them without having the fear of being abandoned. The site is also a small environment, which means there isn’t as much competition as bigger sites tend to have. is a site that caters to those with STDs, who might have a harder time on larger dating sites.
There are pros and cons to every site you try. While some people dislike certain sites for their “casual, bar-like” feel, others may love it. I know I can’t stand bigger sites just because you can’t put all of your quirks out in the open. It can be difficult to describe yourself in 250 words or fewer. However, others may like the fact that you have to narrow things down. It can make things a much faster process, despite not being as in depth.
Personality tests and quizzes are also an interesting aspect to many sites. Not only do they provide the users with interesting information, but the kind of tests people take demonstrate a lot about who they are. If someone takes a lot of “how good r u in bed” quizzes, it is obvious what the first thing on his or her mind is. Comparing tests to what they write about themselves is also fun.
First dates for those who meet online is quite a different experience than normal first dates. Generally, the two people have already been chatting with each other and know enough to consider themselves friends. Needless to say, dates that meet online are more likely to hit it off than those who don’t, and the best part is, there shouldn’t be any secrets to be told.

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