Unknown larcenist breaks into student’s car, steals GPS

car, broken into

An unidentified thief broke into a car outside of the Miller Fine Arts building the morning of April 13 and stole a GPS installed on the vehicle’s dashboard.
The perpetrator used a brick to smash in the window of the car, senior Alexandra Smith, the owner of the
vehicle, said.
“I was called over the radio by security [to clean up the mess],” Mark Patten, a Linfield groundskeeper said. “There was glass all over the sidewalk and all over the passenger and driver’s seats.”
Linfield College Community Public Safety & Security took photographs and examined the crime scene before he cleaned up the glass,
Patten said.
Smith said she was allowed to see the scene before it was cleared and said she removed the brick from the car herself.
Robert Cepeda, chief of LCCPS, said he had no more information to give to the Review. He confirmed the loss of the GPS and method of forced entry.

Joshua Ensler
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