Senate approves new Cabinet, diploma resolution

The new Associated Students of Linfield College Cabinet pose for a photo April 5. -Victor Zhu/Photographer

Wearing Hawaiian attire and devouring pizza, the Associated Students of Linfield College Senate unanimously approved the candidates for the 2010-11 ASLC Cabinet, asking few questions throughout the discussion.

At the April 5 meeting, junior ASLC President-elect Colin Jones reintroduced his choices for the new ASLC Cabinet. Nearly the only
concerns raised were from senior Jake Masin, through a letter to his senator, who voiced concerns regarding why more people, especially the outgoing president and vice president, weren’t involved in the interview process.

Jones answered by saying that asking for help is a year-by-year decision, based on whether the incoming president needs the advice. He said he was comfortable in the interviews, so he did not have seniors ASLC President Ashlee Carter or Vice President Chris Norman present at interviews.
Masin also complained that sophomore Bradley Keli’inoi, current ASLC Senate elections/campus safety chairman, was not appointed to a cabinet position despite his experience.

Masin, through his letter, said that lackluster constituency reports and non-updated Senate meetings minutes fail to inform students of senate happenings. ASLC has posted this week’s minutes to after nearly a month of neglecting the update.

Jones rebutted, saying that the information is in the ASLC Notes and in a story in the Review (“Ford, Fergueson shed light on tuition increase, student survey at ASLC Senate,” TLR, April 2, 2010).

Adding to the conversation, Carter said that positions such as business manager and assistant to the secretary are meant to groom future prospects for cabinet positions, but if those people aren’t appointed to those positions, then the purpose is defeated.

Jones said that, while he took experience into consideration, he hired using a more holistic approach.

Although someone asked what would happen if the Senate did not approve the candidates, senators voted unanimously for the cabinet choices. The vote was also done en bloc, without any questions or debate pertaining to the individuals themselves.

The 2010-11 ASLC Cabinet comprises:
•Vice president of business and finance: junior Arielle Perkins
•Vice president of programming: junior Nicole Bond
•Secretary: senior Sophia Larson
•IM sports director: sophomore William Hiles
•Student center director: junior Evan Hilberg
•Club director: freshman Keevin Craig
•Publicity director: junior Brianna Reichelt

After cabinet matters wrapped up, Jones spoke about 12 club re-charters. All re-charters were granted unanimously, also en masse. Re-chartered clubs included Outdoor, Tennis, Lacrosse and Math clubs.

After weeks of waiting for enough senators to turn in constituency reports, Senate was finally able to vote on the diploma proclamation. (Faculty is considering sending diplomas to graduating seniors after Commencement.) For those who voted, it was unanimous in favor of the proclamation, which frowned on the faculty’s train of thought. Only senators who turned in their constituency reports were allowed to vote.

In a special report, officials of Linfield’s sustainability club, Greenfield, explained a resolution it wanted Senate to approve regarding the closing of the Boardman Coal Plant. The plant is scheduled to close in 2020, but the resolution aims to encourage a closing date of 2014.

During Hot Topics, in which senators bring concerns about the college to the Senate floor, one issue stuck out: the renovation to the weight room. Senators asked who was in charge of the changes and what happened to the equipment that was removed.

Beginning in its next issue, the Review will feature profiles of the new cabinet members.

Read the live Senate blog here.

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