No. 1 doubles falls to UCSC

The men’s tennis team lost in the Ojai Valley Tournament on April 24, but juniors Mark Magdaong and Brent Kingzett advanced to the quarterfinals, where they lost.
The pair fell to University of California, Santa Cruz junior Brian Pybas and senior Marc Vartabedian, 8-2.
“It’s always fun competing against the best, and we have Coach Carl [Swanson] to thank for giving us the chance to travel and play against the best,” Magdaong said.
Magdaong and Kingzett ended the season with a 13-7 record. Kingzett also went on to finish his season with 42 doubles wins, which put him in third for most doubles wins in the men’s tennis program at Linfield.
The tournament was the last of the season. The two will both return next season.
“[The trip] was a lot of fun,” Kingzett said. “Overall, we hoped to do a little better, but Mark and I made the quarters of doubles, which was good for us.”
Magdaong agreed with Kingzett.
“Not every day is a good day, but it was a great experience, and we have a lot to learn from it,” he said.
The pair has high hopes for next season.
“Mark and I had a successful first season playing together, so our expectations for next year will be even higher,” Kingzett said. “I am excited to reach our full potential and see how far that can take us.”
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