Comedian shares her strange life with drunken audience

Comedian Sabrina Jalees

Comedian Sabrina Jalees makes fun of her Pakistani father during her performance in Ice Auditorium on April 10. Paoline-Anne Abulencia/Senior photographer .

Comedian Sabrina Jalees performed in Ice Auditorium on April 10. The Linfield Activities Board sponsored the show, which resulted in mixed reviews from the audience.
“The comedian’s jokes were funny, but it was hard to pay attention to her because there were many people in the audience being disruptive and disrespectful,” sophomore Samantha McCarty said.
However, of all Jalees’ jokes, McCarty said the mustache jokes were her favorite.
“There were annoying drunk people who took away from the humor,” sophomore Kyel Lambert said. “[Jalees] made a lot of jokes about her heritage, which everyone seemed to laugh about.”
Sophomore Melany Krill said she went to the comedian with a few friends.
“Some of her jokes were random, and I thought the way she handled the crowd’s heckling almost seemed to encourage it,” Krill said.
Senior LAB Special Events Chair Corinne Swift explained the joke — Jalees explained that when she was growing up her mom told her that kids made fun of her mustache because they were jealous.
Jalees made her first appearance on a Canada-based, international stand-up comedy chain called Yuk Yuks, according to the Giggles Comedy Agency Web site.
Jalees has also performed at the Just For Laughs Festival, on a Canadian television special called “Comedy Now” and in a Lifetime movie titled “Mom at 16.”
She is also part of a comedy tour called Allah Made Me Funny.
For more information, visit Jalees’ Web site,, or go to her MySpace page,

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