‘Glee’ tribute to Madonna is ‘Like a Prayer’

It’s a stated fact that Madonna is one of most influential artists (and arguably the most influential woman) in modern music history, if not ever. She single-handedly renovated music and the way women play a role in it. In 2006 alone, she earned 26.6 million euro, placing her as the world’s highest-earning female singer in the “Guinness Book of World Records.” She’s an icon. So, it’s only fair tribute that “Glee” dedicate an entire episode to her jaw-dropping music during its April 20 show.

The risque episode featured “Vogue,” “Four Minutes” and “Like A Virgin,” among others. Even if the show did turn some of her more famous songs into a rather creepy “High School Musical”-ish dance sequence, the overall effect was brilliant. As advertised, this was far and beyond the most elaborate production the show has created. Non-”Glee” fans should even appreciate this mash-up.

Check out the “Glee” MySpace page to listen to the Madonna-inspired covers. To purchase the music, visit iTunes.

Dominic Baez
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Video courtesy of Fox (will start working April 21)

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