César Chávez legacy unites community, college

Hector Hernandez

Hector Hernandez, a muralist, honors Cesar Chavez on March 7 by painting a mural. Photo by Bridgette Gigear

More than 150 students, staff and community members celebrated César Chávez Day on March 7.
The goal of the event was to bring the Hispanic community together to celebrate the legacy of César Chávez and provide exposure for some of the services the Yamhill Community Action Partnership provides.
The celebration was sponsored by an Oregon Volunteers grant. The grant recipient, Araceli Ortiz, class of ’09, is a member of AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America.
Retired educator and Chávez activist, José Romero, spoke to the crowd about Chávez’s background and his concern for the plight of the farm worker.
Blanca Aguilera raised 2010 Census awareness, and muralist Hector Hernandez contributed to discussion of Chávez’s work within the Hispanic community.
Live art was created at the event; those who came to celebrate collaborated to paint a Chávez-themed community mural that will be donated to YCAP.
“People were excited to watch the mural painting,” senior Jen Sacklin, YCAP intern, said. “Hector came with a blank canvas and a plan: He started by priming the canvas and sketching out the broad outlines of his design.”
Although the event specifically targeted the Hispanic community, Ortiz said it was opened up to everyone as there were important resources from which
to benefit.
Groups of people were dispersed across the upper gymnasium; they enjoyed freshly baked pan dulce from El Torito, agua de horchata and fruit and
vegetable platters.
Displays were provided by students of Associate Professor of Sociology Jeff Peterson. Display topics included working conditions, education, population and demographics, to list a few.
“It was the most amazing feeling in the world to see people enjoying themselves,” Ortiz said. “Me, Jen, Latinos Adelante and Culturas Unidas had been working hard since November to bring this event all together.”

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