Trayless Tuesdays: Now with more trays

Joshua Ensler – News editor.

Linfield’s environmental awareness club, Greenfield, has reworked Trayless Tuesdays, and is distributing literature to invoke environmentally conscious behavior.
Instead of taking away the trays before meals at Dillin, Greenfield has posted two large blue banners suggesting that students avoid using them. The trays will still be available for students to take.
Greenfield also put flyers on the Dillin tables that explain how the washing machine works.
“We feel it’s better to educate people about trays instead of taking them out from under them,” freshman Greenfield member Amy Krol said.
Krol was in Dillin on Feb. 23, encouraging students to sign a petition to remove trays permanently.
“We wanted it to be a conscious decision not to take a tray,” freshman Rachel Codd said. Codd was another Greenfield representative inside Dillin on Feb. 23.
But students seemed to not notice that it was Trayless Tuesday, grabbing trays sitting next to the large blue sign under the cafeteria counter.
Krol said Greenfield hopes to save water and power from the washing machine and cited statistics that said using no trays decreased the overall food consumption of the students in the dining hall.
Freshman Gabi Nygaard said she did not know that it was Trayless Tuesday, and said that it was easier to return dishes to the conveyer using the trays.
Her friend, freshman Kaitlyn Tamashiro, said that it was easier to get her food using a tray.
Dillin staff said students tend to leave their dishes on the tables when there are no trays.
“Now that the trays are available, they’re not making as big a mess as before,” Dillin Supervisor Deb Waldron said.
According to the fliers left by Greenfield, the Dillin washing machine uses 226.7 gallons of water per hour.
The document cites information from the World Health Organization.

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