Zumba out of step

Septembre Russell – Copy editor. During Spring Semester last year, Linfield Activities Board Health and Outdoor Programs sponsored a monthly Zumba and yoga class on campus. The class was instructed by Christine Kirk, adjunct professor of fitness and yoga. This semester, however, LAB/HOP did not continue its sponsorship of Kirk’s class.
Kirk said LAB/HOP has already allocated its activity budget for the semester, leaving her class sponsorless. The situation is disappointing, she said, especially because the Zumba class was well received.
During last Spring Semester, she said the student turnout was incredible, ranging from 30 to 50 participates each month.
“I would pack the house,” she said. “Zumba is the hottest fitness craze.”
Without a sponsor, Kirk will not experience the same success. However, she said many students are curious as to when they can resume participation in Zumba.
“I have students asking me almost every day, ‘When will Zumba be back?’” she said.
Kirk said she was told that LAB/HOP would keep her fitness class in consideration; however, if students desire to see Zumba return next semester, they should vocalize their desire.
“I just want somebody to support this [activity],” Kirk said.

According to Katrina Peavey, ASLC vice president of programming, the Health and Outdoor Programming Chair on the Linfield Activities Board had arranged to sponsor a Zumba and yoga event from 9-11 p.m. December 11 before this article was published. The Review regrets the mistake.

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