Sex, lies, videotapes…books?

Dominic Baez – Editor in chief. Combine pornography, the McMinnville Police Department, Linfield Community Public Safety & Security, Nicholson Library and a McMinnville resident, and what is the result? The latest, and perhaps the most peculiar, crime to occur on campus in recent months.
A McMinnville resident (the Review was unable to obtain his name before publication) was held by LCCPS and cited by Mac PD in the late afternoon of Oct. 2 for printing pornographic material in Nicholson Library.
“We responded, found the individual and held him until Mac PD arrived,” Director of LCCPS Robert Cepeda said. “Due to reasons I cannot state, the individual was cited and released into the custody of another person.”
Library Director Susan Barnes Whyte said her student workers descibed the individual as loud and seeming a bit “off.” Barnes had just arrived at the library as the individual was leaving.
Barnes said the man was first helped at the reference desk and then traveled back toward the computer area, where he printed more than 10 pages of pornographic material. He proceeded to hide the printed material behind the videos in the Educational Media Services and leave the library on his bicycle. He was stopped by campus security not long after.
The individual was videotaped both entering and exiting the library, but Whyte declined to show the tape to the Review, saying she would only release it to the police for identification purposes.

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