LSAA revamps existing senior-giving program

Joanna Peterson Review staff writer. The new student-alumni donation program aims to teach students the value of giving back to their college.
Linfield has always had a program through which seniors can contribute financial gifts, but participation rates have been lower than anticipated, Kurstin Finch Gnehm, Linfield’s director of annual giving, said.
“Because Linfield students are committed to their academic experiences, clubs and the community, they often don’t realize that the same level of support needs to go back to the school,” Finch Gnehm said.
Senior Sam Bartlett, co-president of the Linfield Student-Alumni Association, redesigned the senior-giving project during the summer.
Her goal was to implement a program that connects
the senior-class gift project with students, alumni and community members.
Bartlett said she wants to inspire students to give back to the college during their time at Linfield, as well as after they graduate.
“If students loved their freshman experience, giving a dollar or $10 can help create a new freshman experience,” Bartlett said.
The program is still being developed, but students can
expect a series of events, posters and fliers throughout the year, Finch Gnehm said.
“If everyone from the class of 2013 gave a dollar, that’s $400 that the college can utilize,” Bartlett said. “It doesn’t have to be a lot.”

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