Closing the Observatory: a step too far

Chelsea Langevin. Something has been bothering me on my walks to the library. And no, it isn’t the fact that I’m on my way to the library.
It’s that I know when I get there, I no longer have my study savior: the Observatory.
Yes, I’m a senior and depended on the Observatory for my snacking necessities, but it’s sad to think you can no longer grab a hot chocolate and a granola bar before a long night hitting the books.
I know, I know. The Catty Shack is practically next door and Jazzman’s Coffee Cart is inside the library, but that isn’t the point. The point is something deeper: convenience.
How perfect was it to be able to check your mail and grab a beverage on your way to class? Or leave the library for a short break to pick up coffee and cookies from the “Obs”?
I’ve seen the Catty Shack since it has merged with the Observatory, and the only change seems to be the constant line inside. It could be argued that the Catty Shack has gained popularity with its increased hours, but problems have arisen because of a severe lack of space and staff.
If we are going to agree to replace something as vital as the Observatory, we need to compensate for this change. In other words, we can’t just combine one important food service on campus with another and expect it to automatically run smoothly.
Some would ask: “Where else could the Observatory have gone?” And the answer would be: “I don’t know.”
What I do know is that we have an obscene number of freshmen this year on the meal plan with Wildcat Cash to spend and fewer places to go. This means more money will roll over at the end of the year that students won’t get back.
Honestly, we’re college students. We’re lazy. The Observatory was virtually a hop, skip and a jump away from both the library and Withnell Commons. We need its convenience, especially for students who don’t have any other form of transportation to get to the store.
While it’s still there in some recognizable form, the Observatory has lost some of its value for students. It’s not the quick stop-and-go it used to be and certainly is not conveniently located.

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