Change isn’t necessarily a good thing

Dominic Baez & Claire Oliver. There is something to be said for change. Change is often a necessary process. Whether change is a good thing, however, is debatable.
It seems as if a lifetime has passed since last semester for us at the Review, and that feeling was only exacerbated by the changes that permeate campus this fall.
When the Review editorial staff returned from summer break, it was shocked to see how much was different from previous years: simple things such as the summer reading selection for incoming freshmen and adding wireless Internet connections in the Hewlett-Packard Apartments, in addition to more complex changes such as Linfield Campus Safety’s name change and freshman online registration.
While change may be an essential part of life, it does not mean that it is always needed. For example, the Review editorial staff will alter certain layout features, add different content and remove what it believes to be outdated material this year.
Will these be effective changes, or will there be a backlash from the Linfield community? Will we win more awards or be criticized for, if you’ll pardon the expression, fixing something that isn’t broken?
That’s the question you need to ask yourself: Is this change actually going to improve anything?
As for our changes, we hope so. However, we noticed some glitches that have already affected the campus this year. For one, students will receive only $12.50 in printing credit this semester instead of the past $25, with ITS removing the printing credit completely starting in spring.
Although ITS brought up numerous reasons for the change, students will undoubtedly be adversely affected.
The new wireless Internet connections in the HPs have performed less than adequately, and school has only just begun.
And, while installing new energy-efficient windows in the Suburbs may be commendable, is it worth the strain placed on the students living there when the college decides to install them in mid-September rather than in the summer?
As we stated earlier, change is often needed. But not always. The Review is standing by, waiting to report on how these changes will affect the campus. Until then, we’ll be watching.

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