After two decades, Linfield dean of students plans to step aside

Septembre Russell – Copy editor. Dave Hansen has declared that next year will be his last as Linfield dean of students. Hansen recognizes that education is changing, and for that reason, he said, there should be someone with new energy and ideas in the position.
Hansen’s decision to step back as dean has not been a secret, he said.
“I’d like to have a little less to do at this time in my life; I’ve gotten to a stage of life where other things are appealing to me now,” Hansen said.
He promised the college he would give a year’s notice before moving on so that it would have the entire year to search for a replacement.
Although Hansen will not serve in the same capacity, he said he is certain he will maintain a relationship with Linfield after he steps down. His new role is undetermined at this stage, as some of his options have yet to be discussed.
“I anticipate that I will be here,” Hansen said. “There are a number of different things that I might be doing, among them is [returning] to the classroom on a part-time basis.”
As dean of students, Hansen supervises administrators of non-classroom services, including those who are responsible for housing, residence life, career services and Greek organizations. He will leave a desirable position vacant and said he anticipates some difficulty in choosing another person to serve as dean of students, as there will be plenty of sufficiently talented candidates vying for the spot.
When Hansen originally accepted the role, he assumed he would only serve as dean of students for two-to-five years, he said.
“I’ve been at it a long time,” Hansen said. “I’ve been dean of students since 1988.”
As it stands, two-to-five years has manifested into almost 21. And for that reason, Hansen said he can imagine having a difficult time letting go. He said he predicts, however, that a smaller role will still be fulfilling.
Hansen said it is time to focus on others aspects of his life.
“I have four grandkids that will get more attention than they probably would otherwise,” he said.
Hansen also said he will have more time to watch sports’ practices and make good on travel plans he and his wife have forgone so far.
“I’ve told a lot of people that I’m going to triple the amount of golf I play,” he said. “I’m just trying to reduce stress; I’ll let someone else have the fun.”

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  1. Thank you Dave Hansen.

    You have changed the world by inspiring generations of Linfield students. No one will be able to replace what you have given so many.

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