2009 NFL season predictions and observations

Alex Harkaway – For the Review.“This season kicked off the same way the last one ended — with the [stupid] Steelers getting lucky!”
This statement was uttered by a friend of mine (although he used a different word for stupid). As all sports writers are encouraged to maintain an unbiased professionalism regarding the fields they cover, it should be noted that these anti-Pittsburgh sentiments are my friend’s, not my own. I simply decided to lead my first NFL article with them. That the Steelers again seem to have luck on their side is only one of many things a keen observer could take out of Week One’s action. Here are five things I discovered:
1. The Bears will not make the playoffs.
The hype for what was predicted as Chicago’s big year lasted all of one half of its first game.
It was during that time the Bears watched their savior quarterback throw three first-half interceptions and their star linebacker severely injure his wrist. Brian Urlacher is out for the season. Jay Cutler is well on his way to being out of favor with the same fans that touted him as their best signal caller since Jim McMahon.
At least they still have two games against the Detroit Lions.
2. The two-man media circus is coming to an end.
I am, of course, referring to the media’s obsession with all things Favre and Vick. If you found one football article this offseason that did not mention either of those names, chances are you were reading about fútbol. That could change soon.
In their first games, the Vikings scored 34 points without relying on their quarterback to do more than hand the ball off, and the Eagles put up 38 without Number Seven even suiting up. If these teams continue to play well, the focus will turn to their Super Bowl hopes instead of their maligned quarterbacks.
3. My fantasy team is awful.
It’s worse than yours, I promise. One week in, and I’m already looking forward to fantasy hockey.
4. We are going to spend the next week hearing about how good the Seahawks will be this year.
The offense moved the ball with ease. The defense was suffocating. Coach Mora seemed to have his troops prepared and motivated. The final score was the biggest blowout in Week One: Seattle, 28; McMinnville High School, 0.
Wait, did I say Mac High? I meant the St. Louis Rams. I always get those teams mixed up. Either way, maybe Seattle fans should wait until they play a real NFL team before talking smack.
5. Brandon Stokley is my new favorite player.
His game-winning 87-yard tip-drill catch was incredible. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Stokley may be the luckiest receiver in the league. He is so lucky, he might as well be playing for the Steelers!
Ah, forget being professional. Here’s to Pittsburgh going 1-15!

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  1. Michael Failla // September 21, 2009 at 1:06 pm //

    Seattle fans did play a real team this week, and now their smack talking has suddenly been silenced. The balance of power in the NFC West is shifting back to its rightful place…San Francisco.


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