It’s time to take the training wheels off

Amber McKenna
Dominic Baez

“It’s your Linfield.”
As corny as it may be, it’s true.
Now, we aren’t your parents, and frankly, we don’t want to be, but it’s time for a little heart-to-heart advice.
It is common to hear students complaining about various aspects of their lives on campus: “I’m tired of the food;” “The weight room hours don’t work for me;” “The health center isn’t helping;” “Tuition and fees are too expensive;” “My room is infested with bugs;” “Clean Access is ruining my life.”
Listen here kids, you may not realize it, but you’re a grown-up. Mommy or Daddy isn’t going to do your laundry, clean your room or fix your problems for you anymore.
Some complaints are valid, but there comes a point in time when you need to take action.
A good example of this is the new Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund. Students saw a need for money to be allocated to alternative energy and sustainability projects.
Through the voicing of opinions and student government actions, the fund was passed, and now $34,000 that didn’t exist before will be at the disposal of Linfield students and faculty.
If you have a problem relating to dining services, let them know. General manager Bill Masullo is an approachable guy and can always be found in or near Dillin Hall. Want a certain food item or recipe added to the menu? Let them know. In the past, people have brought up ideas for foods, such as a certain cereal or type of lasagna, and their ideas were implemented. In addition to the comment box in Dillin Hall next to the bulletin board, one can also give feedback at
Have issues with technology services, such as a slow connection, virus or access problems? Give Integrated Technology Services a call or go to its office in Mac Hall and let the staff know what your problem is. It is here to help you.
The Resident Advisers in the residence halls or suburbs can connect you with the friendly staff of facility and auxiliary services that will fix all of your on-campus living woes. An RA is a great source to find other resources, as well.
Have a bone to pick about how your tuition money and student body fees are spent? Talk to administrators and the Associated Students of Linfield College Cabinet administrators; join a student or faculty committee and get involved.
Don’t get us wrong, everybody complains. But if you have some serious criticisms, do something about it. Then let the Review know.

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