D.I.G. serves as outlet

Septembre Russell
Copy editor

Support from one’s peers, even in the mildest sense, can make an difference. For that reason, Counseling Office Intern Kevin Minor said he wanted to create a men’s group within the college. The name of the group is Dudes’ Issues Group, or D.I.G.
Minor attended the University of Oregon where there was a men’s group, which inspired him to form a men’s group geared toward students.
Josh Merrick, area director for clubs and activities, said Minor approached him with the idea to create a group for men to discuss the different challenges they are facing on campus and to provide a safe, confidential place to receive support from each other. Merrick said he agreed to co-facilitate with Minor.
“My main goal would be to create a safe environment where guys can come in and talk about issues that they face,” Minor said.
Minor and Merrick will work together to guide the group he said. D.I.G. meetings will take place Thursdays from 4-5 p.m. in the ASLC club room and will comprise both open and guided discussion time, Merrick said. Merrick and Minor will lead the group in discussion as well.
“We’d both like to see some critical thinking and reflection about our own behavior, and about the effects our peers have on us,” Merrick said. “We’d like them to come out of it feeling a little more empowered, a little more willing to be assertive and willing to accept support and be open about the pressures that they feel.”
Other than the snacks provided, Minor said participating is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight or support. He said he feels there are multiple levels on which D.I.G. members can benefit.
“It’ll be a challenge at first,” Merrick said. “Hopefully, we can develop a core group of people. If we can even support one person then it’s worth our hour.”

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