Car grazes corner of White Apartments

Brianne Ries
Assistant editor

Following a series of bizarre events, Linfield was splashed on news stations across the state when a driver collided into the side of the White Apartment complex the morning of March 1.
At 2:15 a.m., Yamhill Community Action Plan called Linfield Campus Safety to inform it a vehicle pursued by the police had driven onto campus and collided into the side of the apartment complex (left), Bill Curtin, interim director of campus safety, said.
The chase began when police pulled over two suspects for a traffic violation on SE Davis Street.
The suspects fled after the crash, leaving their 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix in the complex’s parking lot. Tracy Duncan was found shortly after hiding in a nearby backyard. Her husband, the driver of the vehicle, William Duncan, escaped and was not detained until March 2.
The building suffered minor exterior damage and no Linfield students were injured in the accident. The total amount of damage from the accident is fewer than $500, Brad Sinn, director of facilities and auxiliary services, wrote in an e-mail.
Tracy, who had been released on bail from the March 1 incident, is being held in violation of her release agreement. William also remains in custody as a result of a felony attempt to elude SRA, reckless driving SRA, hit and run SRA and assault, according to a McMinnville Police Department news release.
Before the March incident, the couple was out on bail following a traffic violation Feb. 25 where their five children were not wearing seat belts. Police also found methamphetamines in the Duncan’s possession at this time of this violation.
Tracy was criminally trespassed the day of the incident, and Duncan was to be formally trespassed March 5, meaning they are both banned from campus, Curtin said.
“Thank God it wasn’t more serious,” he said.

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