Senate pushes policy changes


 Bradley Keliinoi

Review staff writer


The Associated Students of Linfield College Senate recently passed a proclamation on the visiting hours and overnight guest policies before Thanksgiving break and sent a recommendation to the administration to consider possible policy changes.

First mentioned the previous year by a senator who recognized that other post-secondary institutions had less rigid restrictions on students, a Senate vote never came to fruition because of a lack of attending senators required to hold a vote, sophomore Jake Masin, senate president pro-tempore, said.

Having failed, the measure was moved to this year’s agenda and finally passed.

The proclamation lays out a few suggestions for the administration to consider. For one, instead of imposing strict time limits on the students, “visiting hours” could be added to the roommate agreements. Also, the measure suggests changing the overnight guests rule to allow guests of either genders to stay for a maximum of three nights.

“I can kind of see both sides [to support and oppose the proposed changes] because, [having been] an RA, the visiting hours policy was a valuable tool, but as adults we should be able to handle it responsibly,” ASLC President Chris Schuldt said.

Although the Senate passed the proclamation, it does not change the policies in question, as some students believe.

“I was told by a friend that the Senate’s vote on the proclamation had officially changed the policies already,” freshman Ebonee Atkins said.

Aware of the misunderstanding, Masin clarified that Senate does not have the authority to officially change policies, only to pass the voice of the students on to the administration.

With the proclamation in hand, Jeff Mackay, associate dean of students and director of housing, is in the process of forming a task force to create a report and form a recommendation on whether policy change should be implemented.

If such a change was to be enacted, it would not take effect until the following fall semester, he said. Mackay also said he has no opinion on the matter.

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