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After being part of the  Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals  for more than 20 years, Jeff Mackay, associate dean of students and director of residence life, was elected president of the organization. Mackay was chosen by members of the association out of two nominees for the presidential position, beginning his term in 2009.

His term as president will last two years, and he is working on setting up the annual conference for the 2009 session. He will also be coordinating the selection process for the Otis McCreery Outstanding Award and the May Dunn Award during his term. 

Each year, the NWASAP meets during October to discuss ways to improve the education of students in college in the Northwest.

“The conferences are a great way to come together and find the best way possible to improve various services at each college,” Mackay said.

At the NWASAP meetings, the members discuss topics such as technology, career counseling, first-generation college students, academic advising and how to properly use Facebook. The meetings are a great way to compare and use methods that other schools are using to improve to success of students throughout the Northwest region.

“The meetings have been beneficial to Linfield in handling personal issues with students’ personal lives,” Mackay said.

Linfield adapted methods to improve the response to students in crisis situations or students suffering from depression.

Area Director of Judicial Affairs Delane Hein received the Otis McCreery Award for outstanding service from the Nothwestern Association of Student Affairs Professionals.

To receive the award, one must be nominated by a member of the organization and approved and validated by a panel of judges. The award goes to those who have excelled in providing excellent service to a college.

“I was very surprised to receive the award; it usually goes to higher-level professionals,” Hein said. “Though with the Resident Adviser staff and outgoing student body here, it makes anyone look good.”

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