McMinnville bids to build lodge, waterpark in 2009

Katie Armes

Review staff writer


Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum aims to build a new lodge and waterpark to attract more visitors and create a complete vacation destination in McMinnville.

If the two building expansions are approved by the City, construction will begin May 2009.

The lodge will be aviation and space themed and will feature both hotel and dormitory-style rooms. The dorm rooms will be used for the museum’s summer educational programs. Last year, its students stayed at Linfield and commuted to the museum.

Some groups expected to use the lodge in addition to tourists include wine festival visitors, wedding party guests and groups who use the museum for conferences and retreats.

“Our real goal is to facilitate people visiting the museum,” President of Evergreen International Airlines Brian Bauer said.

He also emphasized that the project will encourage tourism to other Oregon attractions.

The lodge will feature a restaurant and bar and will face the vineyard.

“[It will be] oriented toward the agricultural legacy of Oregon, as well,” Bauer said.

The water park will be indoors and available for community use. It is included as part of a project to appeal specifically to younger visitors.

“We wanted it to be clean and wholesome fun,” Bauer said. “There’s a fair amount of physical activity as well, which we see as beneficial.”

It will take approximately two years to complete each building, and the entire project is expected to take about three and a half years to finish.

The project already passed the Urban Growth Boundary approval process and is now waiting for appeals. After the waiting period, the project will go through a zoning process and annexation, where the city of McMinnville will choe to accept the property where the lodge and waterpark will be built into city boundaries.

The cost of this project will be covered entirely by the Evergreen Aviation Museum, not by the city or county. The exact price has not been determined yet.

5 Comments on McMinnville bids to build lodge, waterpark in 2009

  1. Daina Galster // March 3, 2009 at 2:41 pm //

    Good day! I am checking to see what the current status is on the build of this project? Thank you!

  2. Olivia Katz // August 9, 2009 at 9:46 pm //

    I hope it does not take as long as it says it will because i dont even know if i will even be living in McMinnville at that time! I really hope thata it will be fun for all ages and if i am living in McMinnville by the time it is done, I will most certainly pay to go there!

  3. way cool

  4. hurry up and build it i am ten and dont want to be 20 when it is done
    so hurry so i can enjoy it when i am 11.

  5. 50,000 Sqft is way to small to attract any serious tourists. Everything oregon has for attractions is small, Clackamas aquatic park, summer at skibowl, oregon trail in. ctr., oaks park, seaside aquarium, enchanted forest. All these are small. WE NEED SOMETHING SERIOUS WORTH GOING TO IN OREGON! yea the zoo is OK and OMSI, but i think this project has potential making it something worth mentioning. I have family coming over from orlando and theyre bored to death every time here. What this project needs is more investers maybe putting money in to make this in to a bigger project possibly like Wild Waves in Tacoma.

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