Homecoming hard on organizers

By Dominic Baez

Managing editor


Homecoming: A time of college pride beaming from students and alumni alike, Wildcat spirit roaring proudly and purple-and-red banners streaming around the college. The campus is riddled with students showing their resourcefulness. It is a time of festive activities and time-honored tradition.

However, Homecoming is not all fun and games. Those involved spend months planning, coordinating and organizing the events that both past and present Wildcats partake in. Then, as the clock ticks, the stress begins to build and the hairs begin to get pulled out. None feel the stress as much as members of the ASLC Cabinet.

Unlike last year’s three-day Homecoming Week, which sent Cabinet members careening into a wall of headache, confusion and stress, this year’s Homecoming is back on schedule, spanning the entire week. On top of that, there was no planned event for Wednesday, giving both students and Cabinet ample time to participate in the major events of the week, Song and Banner and Mr. and Ms. Linfield, senior Kasey Richter, ASLC vice president of programming, said.

Other events included Tug-O-War on Monday and College Bowl on Tuesday.

“This year, we did have some teams that chose to compete in only a few of the events,” Richter said. “Because we have been striving to make this a campuswide event, rather than just another Greek Week, we allowed them to do this. We had the Memorialites compete in both Tug-O-War and College Bowl; a faculty team featuring Dean Hanson, Debbie Harmon, Josh Merrick and Jeff Mackay participate in College Bowl; and, if all goes as planned, [and Greenfield had a Song and Banner team]. It was a ton of fun watching students go against the Administrators.”

Cabinet focused on streamlining the flow of activities this year, to make them as simple and efficient as possible for participants.

“We wanted to make it fun for everybody, not something to dread,” Richter said.

That still didn’t take care of every detail.

“It kind of snuck up on us this year,” she said. “It was just there, a surprise.”

Despite the hasty approach, the already-finished events have gone off without a hitch, resulting in an exhalation of relief for those who planned and participated. 

The last event, Mr. and Ms. Linfield, is planned for tonight at 8 in Ice Auditorium. Those who bring two cans of food for donation will be granted early admission at 7:30 p.m.


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