Young comedian captivates audience

Commedian Geoff Keith

Septembre  Russell

Comedian Geoff Keith took the stage of Ice Auditorium Sept. 20 and
gave an exceptional show.
     According to Keith’s Web
site he was voted Orange County’s Funniest Person in 2005 and has opened for comedians such as Jeremy Hotz and Pablo Francisco.

One word, Keith said, can be used to describe his personality: funny.
     “I think there are a lot of funny people,” he said.

Being onstage and making people happy are his favorite aspects of stand-up comedy.
   “Happy people are bett
er people,” Keith said.

He kept the audience delighted even as he sipped from his bottled water. The overall atmosphere of his performance was fantastic; Keith carried a delightful presence and his interplay with the audience showed his improvisational swiftness.
    Junior Linfield Activities Board Special Events Chair
Krista Foltz said she watched videos of Keith’s comedy before inviting him to campus, and said he was great to work with.

“I knew from some of his videos he’d have explicit material in his show,” Foltz said. “I never really asked him what [his] dirtiest joke was.”

Knowing that some of Keith’s material may be perceived offensively, Foltz said, she was careful to inform the audience of such in ads.

“I enjoyed his show,” Foltz said. “I thought some of it was edgy, though.” Keith remained on stage for over an hour and a half.
    “He was only supposed to be here an hour,” Foltz said. “That just shows what a great performer he is.”

Keith said he liked the audience, and that the the audience at Linfield was different from what he expected.

Foltz said LAB is incorporating unique styles and tastes on campus.

“We’re switching it up this year,” Foltz said. “We’re  bringing [in] a hypnotist in October.”
     Students can expect more of the same caliber of comedian on campus she said. So far Keith and Megan Mooney have proved excellent choices and add variety to the talent scheduled to visit campus.

“I’m a fan of variety,” Foltz said.

Stand-up talent such as Keith’s is ideal for college audiences because he relates to them as a result of a shared generation. Sophomore Janys Olsen said she had not heard of him before the show, but was shocked at how young Keith was.
    “I was really surprised Linfield actually got a younger comedian,” Olsen said. “I loved how his [stand-up] was pointed toward our generation, our age group.”

Keith’s next show is Sept. 30 at Ontario Improv in Ontario, Calif.  More information about Keith and scheduled appearances can be found on his Web site.

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