Room Remedies

Spice up a room simply by adding color. Despite rumors around campus, students are not allowed to paint their own rooms. Adding fabrics and tapestries to the walls or windows puts in an element of texture and makes an instant difference. Splashes of color can be added to couches or beds with pillows or blankets.

In rooms with open closets or high beds, use a curtain to hide boxes or as a quick way to clean up a mess; or add functional pieces that serve as storage and additional seating. This instantly makes a room look more put together.

Be creative: Add elements that you make yourself; embellish simple pieces, or utilize items that can be reused as something other than their intended purpose.

Alternative lighting sources are great ways to not only for additional lighting but to add elements of interest and focal points to your space.

Having pictures on the wall or in frames gives a personal touch to your space and can serve as a reminder of friends and family when exam time comes around.

Placing plants in the rooms that are most used adds a sense of hominess and can instantly uplift a gloomy mood.

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