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Kelley Hungerford

Copy editor

Ever wondered what an episode of the “Real World: Linfield” would be like? Always wanted to know what adventures would ensue while searching for HoHos after a campus-wide famine? Or perhaps you are looking to learn about the production aspects of movie-making or are hoping to see your script on screen? Look no further than Wildcat Productions right here on campus.
Wildcat Productions is Linfield’s student-run film production club. They are also responsible for the television series, Linfield Link.
All installments of the Link and of Wildcat Productions are written, produced and put together by students. This year, the group hopes to take WP in a new direction, sophomore club vice president Andrew Sherman said.
“We”ve been [filming], in the past, like a news show,” he said. “We”ve been working on turning it into an arts show, more of a creative outlet.”
Whether a short film or a music video, he said these outlets can be funny or serious.
Sophomore club president Sean Lemme said he loves filming comedic material most.
“Satire is a lot of fun,” he said. “When I got [to Linfield], the stuff I did was mainly trying to poke fun at having a weird roommate.”
Lemme said his favorite piece to film was a Link episode in which the roommates had a desk chair race across campus.
“It was a lot of fun to film,” he said.
“I would have to say I particularly enjoyed the short series that Sean acted in last year about roommates,” Sherman said. “There was a porn one, an existentialist crisis one.  I’d have to say those were pretty good.”
While the members do have a blast filming and producing, Lemme said this year has been something of a struggle. Only two members, Lemme and Sherman, remain on board from last year’s production team. The former club president, junior Ashley Swanson, is abroad this term and many steady members graduated.
“The club kinda fell apart in the spring [last year],” Lemme said.
However, he is confident that Swanson’s return will spark more club activity.
The Linfield Link, a series of television episodes which made up the bulk of the club’s undertakings last year, used to air on public access television. This semester, unfortunately, it has been put on hold because of scheduling conflicts within the club. Instead, they are in the beginning stage of writing a “mockumentary,” the main project for the year.
“A mockumentary is [when] you take something kind of funny and make a satirical version,” Sherman said. “We’re just in the brainstorming stage right now and haven’t really come up with a topic yet, but whatever we come up with will be entertaining, I’m sure.”
Sherman said he hopes putting together one large project as a club will be more of a hit than members filming their own, individual endeavors, as the latter have been somewhat unsuccessful in the past.
Nevertheless, the lack of the Link this term does not deter the club, Lemme said.  With about 10 consistent members, he said he hopes to show the group the ropes before getting back into any major productions.
“The whole purpose of the club is to get people involved in all aspects of the video-making process and to have a good time,” he said. “This year, since we don’t have the show, it’s a really laid-back group. If anyone is interested in learning how to do this stuff, this is the semester to do it.”
Those interested in joining do not need to have any previous experience, just a curiosity, Sherman said. They are not only looking for people attracted to video making but also literary types wanting to see their ideas on screen.
“We try to encourage people who aren’t necessarily interested in video production to come help out,” he said. “If they have a script, they can come and we can easily turn it into a video.”
To get involved with Wildcat Productions, e-mail Lemme at
WP meets Mondays at 4 p.m. in Renshaw Hall 212. Episodes of the Linfield Link can be seen on the web at

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