Ensemble to feature multitude of talent

Nicole Szanto

This evening Delkin Recital Hall will host the Ranney-Hildegard Ensemble.

This will be the first time a group this size from outside campus has performed in Delkin, and it will be the first performance of the school year to be performed there.

The show will feature a variety of musical talent. Halcyon Trio Oregon, Koinonia Early Music Consort, Cynthia McGladerly and John Ranney will come together as the Ranney-Hildegard Ensemble, performing pieces composed by Ranney and inspired by the texts of poet Hildegard von Bingen.

She said putting together the show has been hard work but also a joy.

“Performing in Delkin is a much more intimate experience than Ice Auditorium, and I hope it encourages students who are interested in performing,” McGladerly said.

Ranney has been a composer and performer for more than sixty years. He has performed  pianist, harpsichordist and organist.

The Halcyon Trio Oregon is a chamber music ensemble that features soprano, keyboard and trumpet. The three-person group is comprised of Linfield professors.

The ensemble plays music from a variety of different composers and eras. They performed in Norway in 2007, receiving several commissioned works and  as well as earning the Neskowin Chamber Music Fellowship for new, developing chamber ensembles.

Soprano soloist Jackie Van Paepeghem is well known for her work with Halcyon Trio Oregon and for her accomplishments as a soprano for the Boise Opera and symphonic percussionist with the Boise Philharmonic.

She also has taught voice, piano and ear training at George Fox University, Marylhurst University and West Virginia University, among others.

Trumpeter Joan Paddock is the conductor of the Linfield wind symphony and concert band and is coordinator of instrumental activities. As an international soloist, she has traveled to Mexico, Europe, Japan, Jordan, Israel, Southeast Asia and Canada. Ranney composed “Fantasy in Blue” for Paddock, which has become a hallmark piece. As a music history teacher, she is familiar with the life of Hildegard von Bingen.

“People who go to this performance who don’t have a background in music may get a different impression,” Paddock said. “Everyone will be able to take something away from the show. It is, good music well-performed and fun.” 

The pianist of the group Debra Huddleston has worked with internationally renowned conductors such as Dale Warland. She has participated in European concert tours and has performed at Western Oregon, Willamette and Portland State Universities.

Hildegard von Bingen is a key figure in music history. A woman of many talents, she was involved in a number of pursuits as musician, writer and gardner, she even wrote books on medicine.

“The poetry is exciting, approachable [and] spiritual and can be interpreted in many ways. There is a familiarity but it makes you think,” McGladerly said. 

The free concert is open to the public. The first 100 people to arrive will be seated.

They will be playing for a larger venue Sept. 21 at the First United Methodist Church in Salem.

The talented instrumentals and vocals will offer a festive environment and dramatic performance with interactive pieces.     

Although the pieces, will not being staged they will require the performers to react to each other, drawing the audience in to experience the show and take meaning from the performance as more than a musical.

“I hope the audience will take away a greater curiosity and enjoyment of contemporary classical music, and they feel better when they leave than when they came,” McGladerly said.

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