Crime spread continues despite summer heat

Dominic Baez

Managing Editor

Continuing from spring semester, a plethora of crimes, including thefts and break-ins, carried through the summer months into the beginning of fall.

Director of Campus Safety Mike Dressel said the majority of the crimes were car related, which differed from the office and residence hall break-ins that were commonplace on campus during the last school year. 

“We believe there were two or three [people] involved, with one of them having an extensive record,” Dressel said.

Neither Linfield Campus Safety nor the McMinnville Police Department, though, were able to capture the criminals. However, that does not mean the crimes went unpunished.

“We almost caught him a couple of times, and then he was arrested in another county on similar charges,” Dressel said. “He is in jail at the moment, I believe. I also believe one of the others was arrested in Yamhill County on other charges. He too, I believe, is in jail.”

Dressel said he advises that students remain conscious of locking their cars, leaving nothing visible inside them, checking their cars every day and to report any concerns to LCS immediately.

“LCS is getting several calls a day now as a result of our ‘Call Now’ program, and we are investigating suspicious persons,” he said. 

The “Call Now” program started last year in order to increase student awareness and participation in protecting the campus from suspicious persons. “We are asking all students to carry their Linfield ID and to present [it] when asked,” Dressel said. “It will help us to identify those we don’t want around campus and help us to protect students and their possessions.”

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